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Our Company Background

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the renowned marketing origination, dealing in various Engineering products & representing various multinational companies as follows.

"ROTOMOTIVE" make AC motor as well as warm gear box and Helical Gear Box. Our Product range are in AC Motor from 0.18 KW (0.25 HP) to 315 KW (425 HP) AC Standard Motor as well as AC Inverter Duty Motor for AC Drive Application, AC Brake Motor. "ROTOMOTIVE" make Aluminum Warm Gear Box available 30 inch center to 150 inch centers with synthetic oil filled by company.

SUMIKO make planetary gear box SUMIKO PLANETARY GEARBOX represents a significant technical success in mechanical power transmission system. These gearboxes are available in a wide range i. e. from fractional HP to 100 HP, Ratio 3.5 : 1 to 15000: 1, Torque range from 40 Nm to 50000 Nm. High operating efficiency, wide range of reduction ratios, robust design, space saving compactness, easier mountings, virtually maintenance free operation are some of the advantages associated with SUMIKO planetary gearboxes.

SUMIKO Planetary gearboxes find application in Material handling, Conveying Equipments, Chemical, Transportation, Cement, Textile, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Printing,ETPs, Machine tools, Wind mills, utilities etc….

Also we have deal in custom built gear box.


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